Since 1999 Marianne Tuerlings, owner of the Shirdak company, has been travelling in Central Asia. Beautiful textiles from the tribal areas immediately caught her eye. The techniques, ornaments, and colors the people use to make their products with are what captivated her then, and they still keep her fascinated until this day.

Since 2001 Shirdak has established itself as a gallery for Central Asian textiles. Nowadays Shirdak is a company with handmade, fair trade textiles, honoring the nomad culture and celebrating its admirable heritage.

We have a webshop for retail purchases, https://www.shirdakshop.com/. If you would like to buy products as an individual, please visit shirdakshop. If you are a wholesale customer, feel free to browse our website. If you are interested in our wholesale prices please send us an email;info@shirdak.nl Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you.

Since spring 2017 Shirdak has been proud to present her new brand SJAELZ&MORE styled by Shirdak. Our own designed scarves, stoles and shawls.

Our scarves are made of high quality wool from the Cashmere province in India. Shirdak creates her own designs, using many different color combinations and patterns. The result is a beautiful collection that is not only sold to individuals, but also on a wholesale base.